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Formed in 2008, the solo Black Metal project of Norwegian musician Jørgen Sven Kirby (Nattskog), Sykelig Englen incorporate the rich tundra of the Scandinavian forests with the dark resentment and self respective, misanthropic depression that lies within. Sykelig Englen will leave you cold, internally struggling and doomed to despair. Developing through experimentation in these Black Metal rituals, Sykelig Englen has not only a unique but also an ever-evolving approach to their art which always promises to be utterly savage and retain a monolithic atmospheric prowess in whichever direction the chaos of the Heavy Metal world takes the project.

Signed to:

AHPN Records, Legions Ov Darkness Records, Clobber Records, Slime Citadel Records & Depressive Illusions Records.


Nattskog (Norway) - Everything.

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